November 17, 2007

Miss Pawly Purface found a home

This kitty first showed up early this summer as a baby kitten often seen in our yard. She was a bit thin and often dirty.
We have several neighbors who have cats ... a certain apartment rental across the street is the home of many ... the turn over in that apartment complex is outrageous, some folks are gone again before the month is up. Not sure if this kitty was one of theirs that got abandoned, or if it was dropped off.

We finally realized that kitty doesn't have a home, but has managed O. K. with help from our kinder neighbors .... but now it's getting cold, so we provided a nice place for kitty and a guaranteed food source. She has spent the last several nights in her little box on the back porch and seldom strays too far now. I think she has adopted us !

I was a bit concerned that she had owners and was just visiting us .... but after several cold nights spent in her box on the back porch, I am convinced now she has no other owner. So it was time for us to give her a name.

Jer and I were brainstorming one night and giggling at the ridiculous names we were coming up with, when Jer says, " She seems like a Lee to me ... Paw Lee " .... giggles ensued, and we decided Pawly was her name .... Purface came naturally because she's such a purry kitteh ... she purs ALL THE TIME !
Some of my friends know the story of Jer and his cats. Several years before we met, Jer was a typical " Cat lady " His previous home was on a main road headed out of town that had a huge field behind it. He started with two domestic cats, but began to feed strays that came along.

Soon he had well over 20 cats of various temperaments. Some were feral, some were indoor/outdoor and some were new babies from the mix. His crew blossomed and began to overwhelm him. Then he had the tragedy of a flood and had to move, but couldn't take the cats with him. He called the humane society for help. In his mind, they just stole his cats.

He managed to find a friend to take in a handful of his most domesticated fur balls, and she still cares for a few of them today. He swore he would never own another kitty, because it was too heart breaking.

But here we are ..... and "Daddy" is hopelessly attached already. I came home from work Friday to this note -

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Jer had gone to a gig after fretting about Kitty ALL DAY ! He got home at 1130 PM and I had still not seen Miss Pawly Purface, even though I had called for her multiple times throughout the evening. About a half hour after Jer got home, he went downstairs to get a drink, and Miss Pawly was in her snuggle box on the back porch. We got her some wet food and she gave us some love and then got all playful and ran around the back yard all happy. She can jump straight up into the air about two feet to catch a snowflake !
I finally had to come inside, because it was only 30 degrees out, but I am happy to report that Miss Pawly is home after prowling around all day ! She slept over night in her box and was still there this morning until after we fed her. Now she is out and about again ... just like her Daddy ;>)

We have tried to lure Miss Pawly into the house, but she is too skittish yet and she seems to enjoy being outdoors .... we'll see how it goes.

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