July 20, 2008

Dolls dolls and MORE dolls !!

Over the past couple months, when I haven't been busy Kayaking or playing with my Kitty, I have found a renewed interest in my dolls.

This is a curious thing for me, as I never liked dolls as a young girl, but add the customization and the photography aspect and it is a new and interesting thing for me.

Just to refresh on how it all started ... I first discovered Blythe through a friend and got a Cinnamon Girl with the sole purpose of making her into something even better than her original concept.

She started like this:

Orange eyes

She went through several incarnations .....

this being one of my favorites:

A.J. goes Red

Then finally she was completed ( she can wear the red wig anytime, but I put her original hair back on her)
After my Blythe A.J. was done, I went a bit crazy with Pullips.

I have a Taeyang Timulus named Lar, who is the A.J.'s boyfriend. They had a baby together !!

This is A.J. Lar and little Mindy

Delivered !

Isn't little Mindy cute !!?
But there was always something about Lar's eyes that bothered me ... like they were kind of vacant ... so I took the eyes out of a new Pullip I had just bought for a major custom overhaul and put them into Lar.

Ah yes ... MUCH better !!

Lar's New eyes 1

Meanwhile, I had also been working on my Pullip Sandi ... she was to get some blue eyechips ( sanded to fit Blythe chips, previously from A.J. ) and a pinker shade of lip gloss.

Sandy came to me looking like this:

Sandi and her sweaters

But as my Mother's name sake, she had to have blue eyes ... so now she looks like THIS:

Third Time's the Charm

It took me three tries to get her lips the way I wanted them, but it proved good practice for my upcoming custom .....

BUT FIRST, I got a great deal on a girl who needs nothing ( except perhaps an eye chip change )

Meet Sashi my Rida Pullip

Kitty dress front

Sashi joined my Doll family just before my Nahh-Ato arrived. The Nahh-Ato, who was to be named Gita, was beautiful when she came, but I had big plans for her and had already ordered some things for her makeover.

Here's what she looked like when she came:

Meet Gita

You may note that she had the eyes that went into my boy Pullip.
As beautiful as she was, it didn't take long for me to start her transition ...

First add the wig ...

I love her in this wig !

Then multiple tries at face painting ... followed by a complete re-do with pastel chalks.

Face up 1
A more natural look

and finally ... just waiting on her Eyechips from Coolcat, that will be a deep brown.
Right now she is wearing a slightly damaged set of chips that came out of my other Pullip Sandi, who exchanged her brown eyes for blue.

I think we are almost there

So after all this Pullip love, I felt compelled to spend a day with A.J. We went for a walk down by the river and had a great time !

Flower in the woods
Rest along the trail
At the edge

She had such a good time, she didn't want to leave ...

Bridge View