January 28, 2008

Update on Kitty and the life of B.Z.

Gosh ! It's been over two months since I have updated my blog ! It was such a busy holiday season for me even though I did absolutely nothing with my Jewelry business :P

First, about the most important change in my life ... my Miss Pawly, or as I have come to call her " Sweet P "

A lot has happened since the night of December 1 st when Pawly came inside and decided to stay ... she has only been outside once for a few hours to play in some new fallen snow. I thought it only fair to give her that opportunity, as she had not yet experienced snow. Her only other outings have been to the vet.

Pawly had gone into heat the week of Christmas, and that was a curious thing for me, having never owned a cat before, as she would go downstairs and call for a mate. It kept us awake at night, but she was even cute doing that. I swear, she was shouting " HELLO ! " and would have loved to share an audio of it, but every time I got out of bed to tape her ... she stopped.

Her second week long episode of calling for a boyfriend came immediately after the holidays. She gave us only 9 days of rest ! I had been putting off getting her spayed, as I didn't even know if I could catch her to put her in a carrier, but our lack of sleep was becoming a reason to push forward. I started to pick her up when she would present herself, elevating her bottom toward me in hopes of some "action". She was much harder to catch when she was not actively in heat, as she was not used to human contact. I scheduled the vet appointment and hoped for the best.

Meanwhile, it was obvious that Pawly was attached to me. She followed my every move like a toddler underfoot. But I could only pet her while she was eating. So on the morning of her first vet visit, I fed her and picked her up just before she was finish ... plopped her into the carrier and we were off. I was amazed how well she did at the vet's. In her anxiety, she allowed me to hold her while she was examined and all went well. We scheduled the spay for two days later.

It was hard for me to leave Pawly alone at the vet. She peed in her carrier due to fright and watched me as I went out the door. I worried all day, but was told to call ANY time to check on her. All went well and my kitty recovered very quickly. You can see her on my Youtube just 2 days after surgery - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxMLQQSLwTM

Now she is tearing around the house as if she never had surgery. I am on a mission to get her used to being picked up and cuddled. At this point she tolerates it, but doesn't seem to enjoy it ( YET ) but she seems to have explored every inch of the house now, and calls it her own. She has several favorite spots and sleeps on the bed with us occasionally. She comes calling on us in the mornings, impatient to have someone to play with. She is spoiled in every sense of the word ... and I don't know how I ever got along with out her :D

As for the Jewelry business, I am at a crossroads with that and will update at a later time. I need to think about where I want to go with it. I haven't created a thing since being banned from the Etsy forums. I have followed the goings on through friends still on Etsy, and it seems like a tumultuous time over there, still. My website and Mintd provide a platform for selling my jewelry, but I need to re-evaluate what I want out of the whole venture.

Lately my time has been divided between my new furry family member and some projects with Jer that have been on the back burner. I have also spent more time on the guitar, as I have a Memorial Service to do in a few days. I play my flute and guitar and sing for this event annually, and still get nervous about it every time :P I'll report on that in a few days.

And finally, I have a new hobby ! One that has me a bit befuddled, as I never played with dolls as a youth, nor did I have interest in them. I am fully smitten with Blythe and Pullip dolls. I think part of the attraction is the photography of the dolls and the option to customize them into little works of art and personalized "buddies".

Here is a photo of my girl Sandi


So I have been very busy with new things and old commitments, but have not forgotten all my good friends from Etsy ! I hope everyone is doing well and I will be more diligent with keeping my blog current now that the holiday madness is over ;>)