October 31, 2007


Some days my job is VERY stressfull. Today was a crazy day, we had a heavy load and we worked hard, but it was also EXTREMELY FUN !

Every year on Halloween we bring in cookies and candy and snacks for our patients to munch on while in the waiting room, and MOST of us dress up. In years past I have been a kayaker, a pumpkin, a skunk, a witch, etc etc ... Some of our fellas have dressed up as pregnant ladies, sexy Maids and even a PINK Ballarina, complete with pink shoes, lace and Tutu !

This year I had a few ideas I was toying with, but finally decided to dress up as Bee Zee !

I made a video this morning while my make-up was still fresh .....

My wings were a bit unruly and I had to take care not to poke anyone with them, but I got through the day without smudging my make-up too badly. But oh the itchy face ! We had a few patients who came in dressed up and even two babies - one was in a pumpkin suit and the other was in a Santa suit. Every time I walked by the older baby, she made an " OH! " face, like this {:O I think I scared the poor child.

Oh, and I must add, horizontal stripes just do NOT flatter my figure, but it was worth all the fun !

October 21, 2007

Good Day Sunshine !

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon ! Days like these bring my spirits up and remind me to count my blessings.
It's 4 P.M. and it's 77 degrees F. outside, a rare October day here in the Northern most section of New York State.
Everything is sun shiny and bright, and my window is aglow with brillianltly colored figures from my friend who sells stained glass over on Mintd. I was compelled to complete a Look book for her that I had been putting off. I called it Everyday Sunshine - go take a look !
I've had a very productive day. I have actually enjoyed doing the laundry and hanging it out in the sun to dry. My clothes will smell so good after !
In between loads of laundry, I have been playing my guitar and learning a song by David Gates, founder of the 1970's soft rock band Bread. I am at the point where it is fun, not frustrating, and it has been nice to lay back after working through a very busy month at my day job.
As I enjoy the day, my thoughts drift to the many friends who help me through hard times. I want to shout out to "Hurbanski" who has a wonderful sense of humor, a creative style that is all her own, and who is one of a handful of close interweb friends that helps to keep me smiling. She is indeed an Everyday Angel !
The centerpiece in the necklace at the top of this post is a creation of Hurb's that I used in a necklace I made for myself. It makes a statement, and it makes me very happy to own it. Thanks Hurb !

October 07, 2007

I LOVE Fall !

Upstate New york is gorgeous in the Fall !
This is my favorite time of year. I love it when the temperatures only get to about 60 in the day and fall into the 40s over night. The leaves are starting to turn and the air is crisp, but the sun is still warm on your back. The squirrels are scurrying to gather enough nuts to get through the winter and the geese are flying south.
There is much to be done before the first frost arrives, and soon enough Winter will have it's long slumber. Halloween decorations adorn many a neighbor's doorstep and the first fallen leaves swirl in the October winds. I hung my laundry out today and it smells so fresh now. It was a beautiful clear day with gentle winds.
I have two more weeks of a busy work schedule to get through. We have been giving flu shots in the clinic, and the extra few minutes it takes for each patient has made the days fast and furious. But soon many of our patients will fly south with the geese and winter in their southern homes, leaving a slightly lighter schedule through the winter.
I look forward to working only a few days per week again. I haven't made a new jewelry piece in days ! Plus I need some spare time to start playing guitar again, in preparation for the annual memorial service I play in. I have completed my new website ( at least in it's basic form ) and have even sold one of Jer's CDs off the site !
I'm looking forward to the changing season and the refocusing of my energy on creating both music and jewelry. Watch for new items to be ripe for the picking in my shops in the next few weeks. They shall be bursting in Fall colors !

October 03, 2007

I would like you to meet my ROCK

Above is one of my favorite photos of my Jer. This was taken about 20 years ago, but is the essence of Jer and how I see him everyday, even though he has more wrinkles and his hair is mostly grey now.
The story of how we met is like something from the script of a soap opera, but with serendipity sprinkled on top. Someday I may write about it. Suffice to say, when we met, it was like I finally found someone who spoke my language, or as Jer would say, " You must come from my home planet ! " What started out as guitar lessons quickly blossomed into the love of my life.
I am blessed to have this man in my life. He brings me coffee every morning before I get out of bed. He makes me laugh when I am sad. He always greets me when I come home from work with , " How was your day ? " and actually listens to my blow by blow, then suggests I take a nice hot bath while he fixes supper.
Jer is a professional musician. He's not famous, but he has made a life of it and done quite well for himself over the years. He spent many years on the road, but has decided to try to work locally and help with his 94 year old Dad. While I'm off to work during the day, he is playing " Mr. Mom " at home, running errands for Dad and keeping up the house chores. He works playing guitar a few nights per week at local restaurants. Sometimes he gets frustrated when work is slow, but I don't want him out there on the road at this point in his life, and he is grateful that he can choose to stay home now.
Our goals together are to learn the world of computer home recording and get his music out there on the Internet. Recently, I have started to build a website that we can share. I call it Jazz and Jewelry by B.Z. and Jer. It is still in it's infancy, and I will more than likely update and improve it over time, but it is finally ready to go live.
Jer and I share the love of music, the love of creativity and the love of laughter. He inspires me everyday with his optimism and energy and he comforts me every night with his rock steady support of my endeavors. I am truly blessed to have found the haven of his arms.
Please take a moment to listen to his music here : https://www.bzjewelry.com/Jazz.html